Finance Department

The Finance Department is responsible for providing financial information, cash / debt management services, and the administration of all other financial affairs of the City.

Financial Transparency

The City is committed to sound financial planning as set forth in the budget and financial policies. The principal goal of the City is to maintain a satisfactory and efficient level of service that our customers and citizens expect at an affordable cost.

Over the past decade, City Council has been prudent with public funds. View the Quick Links information to the right to see the most recent reporting information.

Financial Reports

Section 6.11 of the City Charter requires an independent audit of all accounts of the City by a Certified Public Accountant at the close of each fiscal year. The  Annual Audited Financial Reports from 2003 to present are available at City Hall.  The most recent audit is available online once it is presented to the City Council by the audit firm.

City Audit
Debt Information
The City’s debt information is provided for both current obligations and total obligations, as related to the debt service for the General Government and Utility Funds. The debt schedules (PDF) are obligations for the City as of October 1 of each year. In addition, the Mayor has signed a Debt Transparency Pledge (PDF) pledging to post details about any upcoming bond elections no later than one business day after the notice of the bond election is posted. The pledge also includes notifying the Comptrollers office of the upcoming bond election as well, when the details of the bond election are published. For more information regarding transparency in local government, including local debt, please go to the State Comptrollers webpage.