May 19, 2020

 EXTENDED PERIOD PLAN – if City deems this is what it will take to get through the economic impact

    • Waive credit card fees from March 27 through June 16, 2020.
    • Do not charge penalties beginning March 27 through June 16.
    • No disconnects, with the exception of vacant properties, through June 16.
    • Allow contracts for deferred payment to customers.  Terms based on proper documentation.


  • If a person brings in an official document from the employer that states they lost their job- needs to state the date they were let go- due to COVID-19, then we will allow an arrangement under contract to pay out past due balance for up to 6 months if their balance is $600 or greater.
  • We will also reverse the May 27 penalty charges.

For example: That would be an extra $100, or more, per month on top of their bill going forward, If a person has a $200 bill each month, and did not pay March, April, or May…then the balance would be $600.  

  • If the outstanding balance is less than $600, then the arrangement cannot be greater than 4 months.
  • If a person does not bring in evidence of lost income due to COVID-19 then they have to pay ½ of the balance due and can get an arrangement for 2 months to pay remaining past due balance.

Ordinance 1300 will expire on June 16 and Ordinances 1062,1083 will become fully effective.


  • The McCulloch County Salvation Army Crisis Response Center. Operating out of the Heart of Texas Events Center.
    The Center is a cooperative effort of the local Salvation Army, the Brady Ministerial Alliance and Feed McCulloch County, and and distributing food and addressing special needs during these times:   
    •  Monday through Thursday from 10:30am-1:00pm, with deliveries on Friday.If you are a resident of McCulloch County and you need food, water or have other special needs please call (325) 456-7729.
    • Beginning Thursday, April 23rd, curbside will be on Thursdays between 10 am and 4 pm. No deliveries, but partnering with Feeding McCulloch County to deliver to senior citizens with no transportation or someone who can’t pick up for them.
  • Good Samaritan Resource 325-597-2624/325-456-7729 email
  • Cornerstone Community Action Agency 325-625-4167 Fax: 325-625-3335 email

 Cornerstone Assistance Information