Is our water safe?

Yes, our water is safe to drink! However, the EPA is concerned about the potential of increasing cancer risks through drinking water with elevated levels of radionuclides over a lifetime, which is why we are working to reduce radionuclide levels in our drinking water.

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1. Is our water safe?
2. What are radionuclides?
3. How did the EPA come up with its 5 picoCuris per liter (pCi/L) limit for Combined Radium?
4. How do you resolve the radionuclide problem?
5. What efforts has the city made in the past to address radionuclides in the groundwater?
6. What are we doing about the radionuclides now?
7. When will we start construction?
8. Even if we reduce radionuclides now, is there a risk from radionuclides in the water pipes?