Police Department

General Information / Police Department Overview

The Brady Police Department is a 24 hour, 7 day per week municipal police agency comprised of 14 sworn officers (one assigned to the Brady Independent School District as a School Resource Officer) and 1 civilian personnel. Each member of the police department is committed to providing the very best in customer service and professional police service to the residents, business owners, and guests of this great community.

While the main goal of the police department is to protect and serve both life and property, we also believe in working alongside those we serve in order to positively enhance the quality of life in McCulloch county.

Mission Statement

"To maintain the peace and prosperity of our City by strengthening community partnerships and affording the proper dignity and respect to every individual through the aggressive, professional, impartial and compassionate enforcement of the law".

Goals Statement

"The main goal of Brady Police Department is to safeguard our citizens, business owners and guests so that they may enjoy an exceptional quality of life.

Core Values

Our "C.O.N.T.R.A.C.T." with those we serve

Courage: We will face arduous circumstances with boldness and confidence.

Objective: We will be fair and impartial in both our decision-making and the enforcement actions taken in the field.

Noble: We will exhibit personal and organizational integrity and always put our community's needs above our own.

Teamwork: We will empower our employees to reach their maximum potential by valuing their skill sets and encouraging them to take ownership of the key roles they play in this agency.

Respect: We will respect the diverse cultures, ethnicities and ideas of our community and treat all people in a fair, courteous and dignified manner.

Accountability: We will hold each member accountable for their conduct, both on and off duty.

Compassion: We will afford the proper level of concern and empathy for every individual and their current circumstances.

Trustworthy: We will never take for granted the public's trust and strive to re-earn it on a daily basis.