Crime Prevention

"The main goal of Brady Police Department is to safeguard our citizens, business owners and guests so that they may enjoy an exceptional quality of life."

Citizens of Brady can further protect property by calling Central Dispatch at 325-597-0639 and reporting activity in your neighborhood that is unusual or makes you feel uneasy.


Home Security Tips

  1. Lock doors and windows
  2. Clear out mailbox
  3. Use lighting to create the illusion someone is home
  4. Keep yard maintained
  5. Leave car in driveway
  6. Hide or lock up valuables
  7. Don't broadcast plans on Social Media or in general conversation
  8. Install adequate outdoor lighting
  9. Keep valuable equipment in locked garage or storage
  10. Keep shrubs trimmed away from doors and windows

If you are going to be away from your home for vacation and would like to request a close patrol, contact Central Dispatch at
325-597-0639 or email Brady Police Department. Please include your name, address, and contact number if emailing. This does not guarantee a theft or criminal mischief will not happen, but is one more tool to help keep your property safe.