Citizen Self-Reporting System


The Citizen Self-Reporting System is available for you to use to report non-emergency incidents. If a crime is in progress, or if this is an emergency, DIAL 911.

To file a Citizen Self-Report Form online, the incident must have occurred within the City of Brady Police jurisdiction. If the incident did not occur within the City of Brady Police jurisdiction, you will need to file a report where the incident occurred.

You can use this online form to report the following:

  • Abandoned Vehicle Complaint
  • Animal Complaint
  • Credit Card/Debit Card Abuse
  • Close/Extra Patrol Request
  • Noise Complaint/Disturbance
  • Online Threats/Harassment
  • Suspicious Person(s) or Activity Not in Progress)
  • Trespassing (Not in Progress)
  • Wanted/Missing Person Leads
  • Lost Property
  • Damage to Property (Simple)
  • Theft
  • Burglary of Motor Vehicle
  • Child Custody Order Violation
  • Annoying/Obscene Phone Call
  • Fraud/ID Theft
  • Forgery
  • Suspicious Vehicle

If your incident is not listed above, you have questions, or you are unable to complete the form, please contact the McCulloch County Dispatch and request a City of Brady Police Officer to assist you.

PHONE: (325) 597-0639

This is an official City of Brady Police Department document, which will become the official police report for this incident. If you have insurance coverage, this form will assist you in filing a claim. Please note that you must include YOUR FULL NAME and BIRTHDATE for the report to be officially filed. We will contact you if additional information is needed.

The Citizen Self-Reporting System is a secure website.

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